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The Real Calvin and Hobbes

Damn funny!


By: Nina Matsumoto

Yeah…I’m a dork.  So what??


This Is Pretty Freakin’ Sweet

If anyone knows what program she’s using, let me know…I want to give it a try.

I want my DVDs

In a world where nearly everything is being released on DVD, I feel the need to point out a few omissions. Maybe I’m just being overly nostalgic, but where are our complete sets of Tiny Toons and Freakazoid? Yes, we have a wealth of fairly good Disney ‘toons to choose from (DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, and Gummi Bears, to name a few), and Warner Bros. has given us classic Looney Tunes and newer favorites, like Animaniacs, but what about the show that started the WB’s ‘toon renaissance:

And, what about Freakazoid? Take the spot-on super-hero satire of The Tick and add the manic energy of a Bugs Bunny cartoon, and this is what you end up with:

I used to think that it was a rights issue. That maybe WB and Spielberg couldn’t hammer out a deal…but then Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain–both of which, like Tiny Toons and Freakazoid, carry Spielberg’s name–were released on DVD.

And, since we’re (er…I’m?) on the subject, how about a little love for one of the better shows that popped up on the Sci-Fi Channel in its early years?

The Invisible Man never really got the love it deserved–as evidenced by the fact that Survivor gets DVDs and it doesn’t. I’ll say that again: Survivor has DVDs, I-Man doesn’t…at least not in the States.