National Novel Writing Month: Week 1

So, Ashley has (repeatedly) asked me to blog more often. And, since she’s been pretty sick this past week, I thought the very least I could do was give her something to read.

Some of you may be aware that November is “National Novel Writing Month”–or, for those who are too fucking important to take the time to say the whole thing: NaNoWriMo. The basic idea is a whole bunch of people (only in the United States, I would assume, since it’s called “National”…if some of our friends in other countries are participating, mayhaps we should change the name, no?) pledge to write a brand-spanking-new novel of 50,000 words or more during the month of November. The idea is quantity, not quality. I’m pretty sure people who expect that they’ll craft the “Great American Novel that encapsulates the hopes, dreams, cares, and fears of an entire generation” crash and burn around the 13th.

I was going to participate last year, except I spent the first few days of November with my head in the toilet, which had a serious effect on my motivation. But, this year, I managed to get the ball rolling. Even managed to log about 8800 words in the first week. More importantly, I learned a few things:

1. My characters tend to swear. A lot. I came to this realization when I toyed with the idea of turning the thing into a YA novel. Still not 100% positive if I want it to be YA or not…which leads me to…

2. You can not, convincingly, portray a bunch of teenagers going off on globetrotting adventures. Even if an adult is present. Even if that adult is a legitimate parent or guardian (although, in my case, it was not). Maybe…maybe…said adventure could take place over the summer, but that’s pretty much it.

3. If I write a scene with someone wandering around sewer tunnels, they will fall in. At least once.

4. Writing scenes out of order is not as gut-wrenchingly terrifying as I thought. This may not be a big revelation for some people, but I’m a little bit OCD, so the thought of writing out of order fills me with dread. But, y’know what, it isn’t that bad. I might have to do it more often. (Update: I will probably not be doing this more often.)


That’s it for now. More next week. Maybe…


3 responses to “National Novel Writing Month: Week 1

  1. Your novel sounds weird.

    I’m siiiiiiick.

    Thank you for blogging.

  2. It is weird…so, thanks for that!

    Watch TV. TV kills viruses and the like. It does. That’s Science!

  3. I committed to doing it this year, but I’ve only worked on it the first day and only up to about 400 words. I suck at this. I’ve had this idea for over a decade now. It was originally a comic book idea but I figured it might work better as a novel. I just haven’t been able to get myself motivated.

    I’m going to try to get it started back up and catch up, but it might be a lost cause at this point.


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