One of the things I like most about the DC Universe is the concept of the Legacy Hero. With the exception of the big guns like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman, many of the identities of popular DC heroes have been used by multiple individuals over the years. The Justice Society of America best reflects this idea with stories about the older generations of heroes mentoring the younger heroes. So, inspired by news of a JSA episode of Smallville, I figured I’d cast a movie version.

The Plot: In the closing days of World War II, masked heroes Green Lantern, the Flash, and Wildcat uncover a plot by immortal mastermind Vandal Savage. While the rest of the world is focused on the events unfolding in Europe and the Pacific, these three heroes face and defeat Savage. Now, decades later, Savage has returned and the elder heroes must come out of retirement and lead their successors in a battle for the fate of humankind.

The Cast: The best thing about a Justice Society of America movie is that Hollywood will be forced to acknowledge that people live past the age of thirty. Let’s have some more mature actors open a can of whoop-ass.

Jamey Sheridan as Sentinel (Green Lantern)/Alan Scott

jamey sheridan alan scott

I’ve liked Jamey Sheridan since he played Randall Flagg in The Stand, then he popped up on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Now the poor bastard is stuck on Trauma…give the guy a cape and a domino mask and let him kick some immortal ass as DC’s first Green Lantern.

John Wesley Shipp as The Flash/Jay Garrick

John-Wesley-Shipp1 jay garrick

If you don’t understand why casting John Wesley Shipp to play the first Flash is the most awesomest idea ever, then you just haven’t been paying attention.

Jerry Doyle as Wildcat/Ted Grant

Jerry Doyle wildcat

On Babylon 5, Doyle played the gruff, blue-collar security chief Michael Garibaldi. I think he’d be perfect as the gruff, blue-collar boxer/mystery man Wildcat. (As much as I love Doyle, it’s really too bad Lee Marvin isn’t still around to play Ted.)

Michael Shanks as Hawkman/Carter Hall

michael-shanks-4 Hawkman

Yeah, I’m stealing this from Geoff Johns’ episode of Smallville. While I couldn’t give two shits about Hawkman, I love the idea of seeing Stargate SG-1‘s Shanks play an archaeologist again…with wings and a mace to boot!

Katee Sackhoff as Power Girl/Kara Zor-L/Karen Starr

katee_sackhoff power-girl-4

With Battlestar Galactica over, I’m afraid Sackhoff may not get another chance to be a totally kick-ass action hero. Sure, she’ll be on the new season of 24, but it’s hard for anyone on that show to out-badass Bauer. Look at the hair…Katee as Kara seems like a good fit. (Okay, just realized that this would be the second Kara that Sackhoff plays. Do it, Hollywood. Do it.)

Dule Hill as Mister Terrific/Michael Holt

dule MrTerrific-1-732869

Mister Terrific is the third smartest person in the DC Universe. Hill has played serious-smart (Charlie on The West Wing) and goofy-smart (as Gus on Psych), so I think he can handle Terrific’s intellect. Plus, he’d just look damned awesome in that mask and jacket.

Emmy Clarke as Stargirl/Courtney Whitmore

Emmy_Clarke_1222329198 268915-18964-stargirl_super

One of the comments I heard about the actress cast to play Stargirl on Smallville was that she was a little too “CW.” Court’s got a geeky, awkward thing that I think Monk‘s Emmy Clarke could bring to the role.

Molly Quinn as Cyclone/Maxine Hunkel

Molly-C-Quinn-633108-38 max1

The youngest member of the JSA, Max Hunkel is a bit of a motormouthed fangirl. While Quinn exudes poise as the daughter of bestselling novelist Richard Castle on Castle, she sure as hell looks the part.

Jensen Ackles as Sandman/Sanderson “Sandy” Hawkins

Jensen-ACKLES 225px-Sandman_(DC_Comics)

I can’t explain it…I just like Ackles. I think he’d have a blast playing the former sidekick-turned-hero. Plus, Ackles has shown he can convincingly solve a mystery or two on Supernatural.

Sean Bean as Vandal Savage

sean bean VandalSavage

There’s just something about a Sean Bean villain. He’s a big dude and can be physically menacing, but there’s also a nobility about him, even as he’s threatening to shoot your wife/husband/daughter/father/best friend.


8 responses to “Let’s Cast…THE JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA

  1. This could totally work… even as a franchise! For a sequel they could play with why the heroes retired in the first place, and how the modern society handles these heroes’ return!

    Hey! Here’s another Exclamation point!

  2. Absolutely!

    The sequel could maybe involve an It’s a Wonderful Life kinda thing: where Felix Faust (played by John Glover) changes history so the original heroes never mentored the younger heroes, creating a fucked-up present until Dr. Fate (John Simm) intervenes.

  3. Great choices all! (Though I’m personally saving Molly Quinn for Jean Grey in my fantasy X-Men: First Class movie.) I especially like the Dule Hill suggestion; I’m all for more work for my hometown boy.

  4. I called Molly as Jean Grey before the first episode of Castle even ended. But, if Ryan Reynolds can be Deadpool and Hal Jordan, I think Molly can be Jean and Maxine.

  5. Thumbs way up on Katee Sackhoff (big surprise there, right?) and Molly Quinn. She’s so adorable!

  6. Haha. Between Katee, Shanks, and Boromir, I figured this had your name written all over it.

  7. Oh, Michael Shanks.

  8. Where is the Huntress? daughter of the Batman Earth 2.

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