I Don’t Care What You Say, I’m Excited

I really liked The Da Vinci Code.  I also liked Angels & Demons.  (Actually, I think Angels & Demons is the better of the two.)  So, I was pretty excited when I heard that Dan Brown’s third Robert Langdon book, The Lost Symbol, is going to be published in September.


I’ll be the first to admit that neither of these books are well-written.  But, they’re fun and sometimes that’s all I want.  Brown’s two Langdon books are also way better than his other novels, which read like they were pulled, half-finished, out of Michael Crichton’s garbage.

It should be noted that within moments of reading about this yesterday, I received emails from both Amazon and Barnes and Noble asking me if I would like to pre-order Brown’s forthcoming novel.  Oh Internet, you know me so well.


5 responses to “I Don’t Care What You Say, I’m Excited

  1. I agree. Angels & Demons was way better, but if you read any of his other books, be prepared for the same exact plot every time. No joke. There’s always a secret organization involved, and the hero always uncovers a traitor, one whom Brown has already manipulated the reader into trusting, EVERY TIME.

    I will read it and I will make fun of it. (But I’m still excited for the A&D movie).

  2. I’m glad Brown hit on the Langdon character…those first two books of his are just bad. Bad, bad.

    I don’t know how I feel about the movie. Hanks’ hair kind of freaks me out.

  3. Yeah, but at least they cut his hair a little bit after the last one. The last one made him look like a greasy hippy.

  4. Is this the one that is all about the Freemasons? If so, I am sold, because no one knows what they do, but I think they control everything… Conspiracy!

  5. Yup. It’s supposedly about the way that the layout of DC is based on Masonic imagery.

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