“A Towel Has Immense Psychological Value.”

Which science fiction writer am I?

E.E. “Doc” Smith


“The inventor of space opera.  His purple space war tales remain well-read generations later.”

These quiz things are always fun, at least for me.  I also find that they tend to be oddly accurate (or, at the very least, quite reflective of who I am).  For example, “Doc” Smith is frequently called the “Father of Space Opera.”  Now, when it comes to sci-fi, I’ll take a good rippin’ yarn of a space opera over your deeper, more philosophical allegories any day of the week.  Also, Smith’s Lensman series has a good deal in common with DC’s Green Lantern Corps., of which I am a fan.

200px-gray_lensman1 the_green_lantern_sinestro

So…which science fiction writer are you?  Go on, take the quiz…I’ll wait.


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