Slashing Through the Snow, On a Single-Minded Slay…


I like It’s A Wonderful Life as much as the next guy, but there are so many overlooked Christmas movies out there.  Which one is your favorite?


6 responses to “Slashing Through the Snow, On a Single-Minded Slay…

  1. I noticed “Wonderful Life” getting a lot of negative press this year, possibly because of the bad bank-related news. I prefer instead to concentrate on the bad songs…

  2. @Davis It seems like IAWL gets negative press most years for one reason or another. It might be schmaltzy, but damn do I get choked up by that ending each and every time.

    @Rich GREMLINS was a last minute addition. For some weird reason, it completely slipped my mind that it was a Christmas movie. Even though, y’know, that was a major plot point of the whole film.

  3. Our mutual friend Shaolin Ken has resisted seeing It’s A Wonderful Life although he has seen every other movie ever made, since the Lumiere brothers, who I think he worked for (Ken being immortal). I think watching it in the context of foreclosures and mortgages given to unqualified buyers some people might see Mr. Potter as the hero, a wise and thoughtful man, refusing to be anything but be careful of his bank’s money……how’s that for revisionist criticism?????? Maybe with that I can persuade Shaolin Ken to reconsider…..

  4. Which Black Christmas? Not my vote either way, but just curious.

  5. I had intended the original, but I think either one works for the purposes of the poll.

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