Fall 2008 DVR Losers

Back at the start of the Fall 2008 TV season, I wrote two posts about the shows that I had programmed into my nifty little DVR (you can read Part One here, and Part Two here).  For the most part, a lot of my returning favorites–House, NCIS, Big Bang Theory, Bones–have held up their end of the bargain.  I’ve also discovered Crusoe, a fun little romp (which I’ve christened “bamboo-punk”) that slipped under my pre-season radar.  And, of course, the Great Office Experiment has cleary been very, very successful.

Unfortunately, you can’t have winners without a few losers (this ain’t Little League, after all).  Some of these losers brought it on themselves, others have had the status of “Loser” tattooed on them by The Powers That Be.

Knight Rider

I really, really, really wanted to like this updated version of a beloved show from my childhood.  I enjoyed the two-hour movie that served as a backdoor pilot last spring.  I didn’t have any problems with the cast (Will Arnett would have been hilarious as KITT, but Kilmer did a pretty good job).  So, imagine my surprise when I couldn’t even make it through the first episode of the series.  When I couldn’t make it through the second episode, it was deleted.

Life on Mars

I gave this a shot.  It wasn’t what I would call “bad”, but eventually I realized that I just didn’t care about the characters.  I don’t care why Detective Mars (yes, I know his name is Tyler) has travelled back in time.  Is he in a coma back in his present?  Don’t care.  Sorry.

My Own Worst Enemy

I kinda dug this show.  It was a fun way to unwind my brain after Heroes.  But, NBC has decided that no one watches it, so I have to bid adieu to Christian Slater’s split-personality secret agent.

Pushing Daisies

Another show that the network suits have decided no one watches.  I’ll admit that it was never a priority for me.  Usually, it was something that I’d watch on a weekend morning while I was having my coffee.  But, the characters were cute (sure, sometimes too cute) and the murders were usually a fun combination of C.S.I.‘s gory bloodbaths and the lighter crimes from shows like Monk and Psych.  Maybe it would have fared better with an internal mythology that was a little less complex.

The Mentalist

I know I kind of gave this show shit about being a Psych rip-off.  I know it really isn’t exactly like the wacky adventures of Shawn and Gus.  And, to be honest, I wanted to check it out.  But, unfortunately, I already record a bunch of stuff on Tuesday nights, so this one had to take a hit for the team.


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