The Doctor is Out

By now, everyone on the internets has probably already heard that David Tennant is hanging up his pinstripe suit and handing the keys to the TARDIS to an 11th Doctor.  Everyone has already started picking who they think should step into the role of the BBC’s venerable Time Lord (you can read some picks here and here).  Since everyone else is doing it, I figured I might as well come up with a few possible choices.

Anthony Stewart Head

No stranger to the Who-niverse, Head could bring a nice new spin to the 11th Doctor.  First of all, he’d be a more mature Doctor.  Plus, as he showed us on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Head’s got a certain something that says “I’m prim and proper on the outside, but I’ll kick your fucking teeth in if you push me.”

Mackenzie Crook

I love Crook, and would watch him in anything.  (Look at him…doesn’t he just scream “British”?)  My only concern is that he might be a little too similar in general appearance to the departing Tennant–by that, I mean lanky and somewhat gawky.  Although, I would love to see what kind of Doctor Gareth would be.

Simon Pegg

Think about it.  A wee, tiny little Doctor whose first instinct is to get really pissed off at people.  And, let’s be honest, don’t we all want to save Pegg from Hollywood.

Dylan Moran

If you know who he is, you know why he’d be awesome.

James Nesbitt

Nesbitt showed he’s capable of playing both a repressed wet blanket and a charismatic sociopath in the BBC’s Jekyll.  He also has a delightfully expressive face–including a shit-eating grin that stretches for miles–that could bring just a little bit of manic menace to the 11th Doctor.

Martin Freeman

Crook’s Office co-star could bring a quiet mumbly charm to the Doctor, quite a change from the more manic performance of Tennant.  Besides, Freeman’s role as Arthur Dent in the feature film version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy should provide enough sci-fi cred for his resume.


3 responses to “The Doctor is Out

  1. ……… Dr. Who is a shapeshifter, why not make him a her????????

  2. While there have been female Time Lords, I have no idea if they can regenerate across gender lines.

  3. I found this while searching for an image of Dylan Moran. I think he would be perfect for Doctor Who. So glad someone else sees this.

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