I’ve sung the praises of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series numerous times in this blog.  How can you not love a series that stars a private detective who just so happens to be a wizard?  There was an attempt by the Sci-Fi Channel to make a series based on Harry Dresden’s adventures.  It was okay…but it wasn’t really Butcher’s world.  (I will say this: if not for the Sci-Fi Channel, I might never have picked up Storm Front and would currently be living a Dresden-free lifestyle.  Which would be, y’know, just wrong.)  One of the main problems is that the world in Butcher’s novels is a fairly complex one.  There are wizards and vampires and faeries.  White Councils and Wardens and Red Courts.  Another problem is that folks probably have very different ideas of what these characters look like.  But, never one to shy away from hypothetical controversy (actual controversy is a different story…that can stay over there), I’ve decided to cast a Dresden Files movie.

The Plot: Like I said, there’s a whole lot going on in Butcher’s books.  There are more secondary and tertiary characters than in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter combined.  There’s a history–not just Harry’s personal history, but the history of magic and wizards, in general.  There’s politics and war and diplomatic wrangling.  Plus there’s whatever case that Harry is working on in a given book.  See, a lot.  So, I have no idea what the plot of a Harry Dresden movie would be.  Would it just be the plot of the first book (Storm Front), or something that deals with one of the longer arcs in the series?

The Cast (In addition to the characters who have been there since page one, there are numerous characters who first appeared in later novels, but have since gone on to become more or less permanent fixtures in Harry’s life.  I’ve picked some of the more prominent, while knowingly ignoring others for reasons of time and space.  Also, some of these may be SPOILER-y, so if you haven’t been keeping up with the Dresden books, you may want to turn back.  Thank you, that is all.):

Clive Owen as Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden

It’s not easy finding someone to fill Harry’s leather duster.  He’s an irreverent wise-ass in the best hardboiled tradition.  He also happens to be a little above average height and somewhat lanky.  Now, I would never call Clive Owen “above average height and somewhat lanky”; however, I think he’s proven that he can handle hardboiled wise-assery in both Sin City and Shoot ‘Em Up.

Naomi Watts as Sgt. Karrin Murphy

The “small, but fierce” Sgt. Murphy is not only Dresden’s friend on the Chicago Police Force, but also one of his few friends, period.  Despite being a petite blonde with a cute button nose, Murphy can kick ass with the best of them, including winning numerous martial arts competitions.  If nothing else, Watts is a petite blonde; but, I also think she could probably pull off Murphy’s tough-as-nails exterior.

Michael Bowen as Warden Donald Morgan

As a Warden for the White Council, Morgan acts as both Special Forces and Internal Affairs for the wizard community.  He’s been around since book one, keeping an eye on Dresden because the Council feared that Harry was (or would soon be) dabbling in the dark magics.  I was this close to casting Keith Carradine when I decided to go for a non-Carradine Carradine: Keith’s half-brother Michael Bowen.

Rashida Jones as Susan Rodriguez

Susan was a tabloid reporter for The Midwestern Arcane (think Carl Kolchak, but hotter).  She was also Harry’s girlfriend, at least before she was infected by a vampire of the Red Court.

Cillian Murphy as Thomas Raith

Thomas Raith is a vampire of the White Court.  White Court vampires feed off of emotional energy; in the case of the Raith family, the emotions they prefer are lust, passion and/or desire.  Thomas, like all White vampires, radiates sexual energy, making him pretty damned irresistible even if he’s not trying to be.  As half-brothers, Thomas and Harry share several physical attributes, although Thomas takes it to a more idealized “Greek god” degree.  Cillian Murphy could almost be a prettier version of Clive Owen…if you squint just right and look away from the screen.

Nathan Fillion as Michael Carpenter

Michael Carpenter is a Knight of the Cross.  He is charged with using one of three swords–which happen to have one of the nails from Christ’s Crucifixion forged into the blade–to combat the forces of Hell.  Michael is a devout man, whose faith sometimes confuses (and angers) Harry.  But, Harry never doubts Michael’s friendship, love for his family, or ability to be where he’s needed when he’s needed.  Fillion (in addition to being the obligatory Whedonite on these lists) has that quiet strength that you need for Michael.

Jason Lee as Bob the Skull

Wizard’s don’t do so well around technology invented after 1950, so Bob acts as Harry’s laptop and magical database.  Bob is a spirit of the air who inhabits a human skull in Harry’s basement lab.  Since he takes on the personality traits of his owners, since coming into Harry’s possession, Bob has become a bit of an obstinate smart-ass.  He’s also a bit of a letch, so you need someone who can leer with their voices, and I think Jason Lee has one of the more inherently leer-y and smart-ass-y voices around.

Adrian Pasdar as “Gentleman” Johnnie Marcone

“Gentleman” Johnnie is the top dog in Chicago’s human underworld, although he frequently finds himself embroiled in many of Dresden’s supernatural cases.  Marcone may be a mobster, but he also possesses an almost Old World code of honor, which is probably how he managed to get himself appointed as a freelord under the Unseelie Accords (a set of loose rules that govern the members of the magical world).  Pasdar has made a career playing cold, calculating individuals who aren’t above bending the rules if it serves their personal ends.

Donald Sutherland as Ebenezar McCoy

The cranky and crotchety McCoy (maybe it’s the name?) is a senior member of the White Council, as well as Harry’s old mentor–well, the one that survived.  He’s also the Council’s Blackstaff, a wizard who is allowed to operate outside of the Seven Laws of Magic to do the Council’s “wetwork.”  Honestly, the only reason I picked Sutherland (other than the fact that he’s awesome) is that I think he looks positively deranged when he’s all scruffy and dishevelled–doesn’t he look like a centuries-old wizard from the backwoods of Missouri?

Monica Bellucci as The Leanansidhe (or Lea)

Lea is (quite literally) Harry’s faerie godmother.  She’s a powerful member of the Winter Court of Faerie and, as such, is not to be trusted.  She’s not above deceit or manipulation (or pain, to be honest) to get what she wants.  Bellucci has an almost otherworldly quality about her that would fit Lea perfectly.  Plus, it’ll be fun to see her get to play opposite Clive Owen again.


78 responses to “Let’s Cast…THE DRESDEN FILES

  1. Okay, I am with you because Nathan Fillion is in there. [Okay also Clive Owen.]

  2. Pure gut reaction – I hate Clive Owen – he’s not that good an actor and can’t do American accents. And although I campaigned tirelessly for James Marsters to play Harry on screen after his superb performance in the Dresden audiobooks, I thought Paul Blackthorne did a good job in the end – and he certainly has the height. Or maybe, if not Paul, Lee Pace, who has the height and the snark, but would have to roughen up a bit.

    I would choose Alexis Bledel for Susan (time they gave her an adult part) and just for fun, Liza Weil for Karrin.

    I like Cillian Murphy for Thomas, though I’m not sure he has the human side to counterbalance the vamp. I thought of Adrian Grenier for beauty alone. Or maybe Matt Dallas?

    I would watch Nathan Fillion in anything but I think he is too young to play Michael. This is a man with seven children and Nathan’s – what? mid-30s? I see Michael as more grizzled-looking, greying. Maybe Kevin Sorbo.
    And how about Miranda Otto for Charity? Her performance as Eowyn proved she could do the fighting.

    I’d love to see W Morgan Sheppard play Ebenezar.
    For the Leansidhe, I think you need someone more Celtic, maybe red-haired. I thought of Brigid Brannagh. Then I see the Summer Court as tanned blondes and the Winter Court as dark, so Monica Bellucci could fit better as a Winter Queen.

    And Bob must be a disembodied voice, not a real actor. I’d love to get James Marsters in to do that.

  3. Hey, hey, no petitioning against Nathan. He is an actor. He can act grizzled.

  4. My gut reaction to Clive Owen was, “Yes!” He just has the right persona. I agree that his American accent is lousy, so he’d need to step it up.

  5. Funny.. the Dresden books are on my “To Buy” list when I go back to the used bookstore. Never read them, but I liked the show on Sci Fi, so I figure it’s a shoe in.

  6. ………..what about Lara????

  7. Check out Peter Hermann, american actor, height about 6′ 5″ TV and sometime movie actor. Age about 40. Would physically resemble Dresden.
    Need a more attractive Thomas, Rest of the picks would work

  8. We must consider the future for Harry – Clive is great but he is too old – Harry is thirty-esque. I think Cillian is an awesome choice for someone, I am not sure he can pull off Thomas – I see Thomas as more eastern European, dark, divine. Cillian would be an awesome male for one of the Faerie courts, however. These would be such wonderful films, I wish Hollywood would give us what we want!

  9. Viggo Mortensen as Thomas.
    David Morse as Micheal Carpenter.


    Daniel Day Lewis is Dresden.

  10. Harry Dresden – Jared Padalecki
    Karrin Murphy – Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Donald Morgan – Eric Roberts
    Susan Rodriguez- Melina Perez (WWE)
    Thomas Raith- Tom Welling
    Michael Carpenter- Christian Kane
    Bob The Skull- Jeff Goldblum
    Johnnie Marcone – Ryan Reynolds
    Ebenezar McCoy- Sam Elliott
    Lea- Emma Caulfield

  11. Southerland as McCoy is great . The scene in Turn coat on the Island where McCoy says ” The boy is a right fair hand in a fight” is a perfect fit. Marcone needs to be physically imposing- Lou Ferregno? Harry likewise needs physical dimensions true to the book. There are many capable actors out there. Paul Blackthorne fit the body close enough but change the wardrobe. His Dresden looked far too shabby.
    Oh yeah – have Jim Butcher in the film somewhere.

  12. I think the major problem with the Dresden Files TV series was that it missed a lot of what makes the book universe so engaging- Harry’s narrative about HOW magic works and WHY he’s doing what he’s doing give the books a MacGuyver/Burn Notice kind of quality that was distinctly missing from the TV show. And do not even get me started on how they neutered the whole Harry-kills-DuMorne plot point.

    But, onto the casting…

    I actually had pondered Clive Owen as Harry myself (because I luuuuurve him), except… Harry constantly describes himself as too-angular, underfed-skinny, and he’s got this kind of fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants thing that I’ve just never been able to find believable from Owen. Even in Shoot ‘Em Up, when he plays that kind of character, I just found him unable to turn off that “I’m still in control” kind of attitude. Which would make him a better Bond than a Dresden. I just don’t see Owen sitting down with the Alphas to role-play. Harry is fundamentally a character whose world spins wildly out of control on a regular basis- he doesn’t sleep, he lets his wizard robe get cat pee on it and has to wear a bathrobe to a Council meeting, his car is falling apart…. You’re going to throw things at the screen when you read this… but I think Harry’s closer to Zachary Levi than to Clive Owen. Levi’s a little young to play Harry (unless we’re starting from Storm Front era), but I think Levi with a couple of days’ beard growth is a start. Or maybe… Wheaton?

    Precisely because I became acquainted with the books around the same time as the TV series, I haven’t been able to shake the idea of Bob with an accent. I think Tim Curry would bring the right amount of winking lasciviousness to the role. But I realize that there’s nothing at all in the books on which to base the idea of Bob as foppish British voice, so… this is just my quirk.

    I’ve always envisioned Murphy as Virginia Madsen, ever since I saw her in “A Prairie Home Companion.”

    I imagine Marcone sort of like Ray Wise (plays the Devil in “Reaper”). Maybe he’s too old, though. Adrian Pasdar is not a bad choice, but I don’t find him believable as an Italian.

    I love the idea of Sutherland as Ebenezar. I wasn’t super crazy about Fillion as Michael at first… but then I thought about it a minute. I think that could work. And I think Belluci perfect as fae- so beautiful she’s actually frightening- though I think maybe she’d be a better Mab.

    Cillian Murphy is an interesting call on Thomas, since he’s definitely got that otherwordly weird thing, but I can’t shake the idea that he’s just *unattractive.* Christian Bale has kind of a beautiful-but-predatory thing going on, but I’m not crazy about that idea.

  13. The key on casting would be what age would you want for Harry. Do you pick the story up at Stormfront and you would want an actor around 30 years of age. It is required that the actor have height, at least 6 foot 5 inches and an age of 30 to no more than 40. Once you choose Harry and his age. Then the rest of the characters would follow. I like John Voight for Ebenezar.

  14. Update for casting Harry Dresden.

    Jared Padalecki, Height 6′ 4″. Weight 185, Age 27.

    Seems to be the perfect age,height, and weight to play the role. He also would be around for years so a series of movies would be possible.

  15. Update and cast for Storm Front

    Harry Dresden – Jared Padalecki
    Karrin Murphy – Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Donald Morgan – HHH (Paul Levesque)
    Susan Rodriguez- Masiela Lusha
    Bob the Skull- Jeff Goldblum
    Johnnie Marcone – Michael Imperioli
    Victor Sells- Tony Curran
    Monica Sells- Patricia Arquette
    Bianca St. Claire- Jill Wagner
    Ron Carmichael- Ted Levine
    Hendricks- Brian Steele
    Mac- Jim Beaver
    Toot-toot- Eric Johnson
    The Beckitts- Erica Durance and David Palffy
    Donny Wise- Thomas Dekker
    Tommy Tomm- James Marsters
    Jennifer Stanton- Deborah Gibson

  16. Renée O’Connor (Gabrellia from the Xena series) would make an excellent Karrin Murphy. She fits the physical description of the books perfectly and in real life she is also an atheletic type -kickboxer etc so Murph’s action scenes would likely have a very realistic tone. Might be a little rough on the other actors though.

  17. I thing ZACHARY LEVI would make a perfect Harry. He’s got the height, looks, and a sort of geeky charm. His work on CHUCK certainly gives him the fanboy cred.

  18. **think**

  19. I think Levi would be perfect.
    Anyone know if there is any forward motion in a feature Dresden Files movie.

    I can’t seem to find any info on it.


  20. Harry Dresden……………Nathan Fillion
    Karrin Murphy……………Stana Katic (great chemistry with Fillion from CASTLE)
    Ebenezer McCoy………….Sam Elliott

  21. okay…. let me just say this because it’s driving me crazy; no older gents!!!! seriously, every time I see a “cast Dresden Files” discussion it drives me crazy when people put in actors like Clive Owen and such….just think about it logically; he’s too old. That’s it. End of story. Now, if you were to do a trilogy or something that totally butchered the plot and charm of the Dresden Files, then ok….an older Harry would not be a bad Harry, but really I think it would be best to stick to 2o some-30 year olds for now.

    That being said….

    At first the idea of Zachary Levi as Harry was kind of….huh?….for me because I just had a hard time picturing it. But once I looked him up and saw he can actually do something besides pocket-protectors (in other words, when he’s not playing Chuck, and especially when he has some facial hair going on) he really does have a Harry Dresden-esque vibe to him….plus he fits the bill physically. I am a big BIG fan of Tom Welling in the Dresden universe. I am slightly advocating him for Harry Dresden, but the problems with that is he is a bit too bulky instead of lanky, and he has those light eyes. Not too important factors, and if his acting can compensate for them, then definitely things that can be looked over…but he actually might be better as Thomas… I could definitely see him as Thomas because he is more of a pretty boy.

    Contrary to Harry, Michael needs to be a little older, more grizzled and I don’t think that Nathan Fillion fits that; sure, he can do grizzled but I would have a real hard time believing he’s the father of seven.

    Now as far as Marcone…. Ryan Reynolds? ok…uh…no. Ryan Reynolds is waaaaay too young and he…..no. Marcone is a sun-tanned, green-eyed, slightly graying, wrinkled-at-the-eyes but still deadly handsome, which is NOT Reynolds. He’s sexy, but he ain’t sexy in that way.

    And last but not least, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Karrin Murphy? Now THAT’S a captivating possibility, and one that I’ve never considered…hmmm….it might be problematic in that people would constantly picture her as Buffy with a Badge but…. I think it would be interesting to see if she could pull it off. I actually think that maybe Charlize Theron or perhaps a blonde Kate Beckinsale might be possible, but there might be a little conflict because Charlize Theron might be too thin and Kate Beckinsale might be too tall…Idk, just theories but personally I like either SMG or KB because I know they could probably pull Karrin Murphy off.

  22. Firstly, I love the idea of Zachary Levi as Dresden. At first it freaked me out a bit, but then I thought about it and it is near perfect. He can definitely pull off the constant running thing too, since for the first two seasons of Chuck, running and hiding is mostly what he did.

    Also, just throwing this out here, Matt Bomer for Thomas…

  23. MATT BOMER as Thomas!!!!! That’s genius!!!

  24. I was actually thinking of Gerard Butler as Michael, I dont mind him being scottish and I would rather him not try otherwise, not a fan of his american accent.

    For Karrin, I was thinking Kristen Bell, she can pull fierce when she is not in a sappy love story.

    Peter Mensah would be a cool Sasha. He is just a bad ass in every movie I have seen him in.

    I know Mac is supposed to be white, but so was Morgan Freeman’s character in Shawshank Redemption. From the beginning I have imagined Chi MacBride, I think based off his quiet mysterious character in Waiting.

    Discussing this with my friend, she wanted some Pattenson knockoff for Thomas. blah. I pointed out Matt Bomer to her and she said she could live with it, also Timothy Olyphant is 42 but looks a lot younger than that. And he wouldn’t look too bad in a mesh shirt. lol

    Joe Mantegna for Jentleman Johnny Marcone. never thought of him as older but still sexy. I think he has a thinking man look to him that is balanced well with “I will kill you if you disrespect me”

    I thought Viggo Mortensen would make a better Kincaid than Thommas, sepecialy if you think of the tattoo covered Viggo from Eastern Promises. Also originaly I thought Timothy Olyphant would be a good Kincaid as well. I can imagine Murphy wanting to go to hawaii with Olyphant.

    and Freddy Rodriguez would make the perfect Carlos Ramirez, watch him in Planet Terror and I hope you agree.

    I dont have a Dresden though haha, Paul Blackthorn did well in the show, and I’m not a huge fan of most of the suggestions I have seen so far.

  25. I would rather not have Dresden as seen by the CW but if your going to cast gilmore girls actors, I would say Scott Patterson as Michael. but definitely NOT Alexis Bledel, she had her chance in sin city and did awful job.

  26. Murphy must be to type. Remember Murphy in the books is five foot tall, and when compared to Harry at 6 foot 6 inches. That is a staggering difference. That being said, For the purpose of a movie that difference maybe to great to look good oncamera. I think if the actor cast for Harry ( say Jared Padalecki, Height 6′ 4″) Then an actress up to 5′ 6″ would make a nice contrast. This would open up the available actress pool for casting. I like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Kristan Bell good choices by body type. No way for Charlize Theron ( too tall at 5’11”) and Kate Beckinsale (5’8″) , Although her underworld movies shows she can play fierce and I do love her. Virginia Madsen is too old.

  27. I would love it if someone could make a film or films that do justice to Jim Butcher’s books.

    Now as far as casting, I really have to say a big NO to Jared Padalecki. He’s great in Supernatural but just way to baby-faced to play Harry. Height isn’t everything, they can make a short guy look taller, he doesn’t have to be the right height. Clive Owen I think is too tough looking. Harry is more a lanky-scrapper.

    I always thought Alex O’Loughlin would be a great Harry. He can pull off charming and haunted.

    Murphy—I think KaDee Strickland would be great.

  28. Disagree on Jared Padalecki. He is no baby faced actor. In fact he has that lean and hungry look that would do well as Harry.

  29. Elaine Mallory = Stacy Keibler

  30. C’mon guys, this one is obvious!

    Bob the Skull: Jim Butcher himself!

  31. Harry Dresden-Ryan Reynolds
    Karrin Murphy-Naomi Watts
    Thomas Raith-Stuart Townsend
    Michael Carpenter-Nathan Fillion
    Ebenezar McCoy-Sam Elliot
    Donald Morgan-Dennis Quaid
    Kincaid-Viggo Mortensen
    Leanansidhe-Charlize Theron
    Queen Mab-Monica Bellucci
    Carlos Ramirez-Freddy Rodriguez
    Susan Rodriguez-Rashida Jones

  32. Harry Dresden: Nicolas Cage
    Karrin Murphy: Sarah Michelle Geller
    Michael Carpenter: Nathan Fillion
    Donald Morgan: Adrian Paul
    Bob the Skull: Jim Butcher
    Ebenezar McCoy: Sam Elliot
    Thomas Raith: Stuart Townsend (I like that one)
    Susan Rodriguez: Jessica Alba
    Leanansidhe: Charlize Theron
    Kincaid: Viggo Mortenson

    I’ll think on this more and add later

  33. First, Nicolas Cage is way too old to play Harry. He is a type that could do it a while ago, but I think he would be better as Morgan if he has to be in the movie. Now, Sarah Michelle Gellar would help to get the movie made and work as a kick-ass cop, but the woman from Xena, Renee’ O’Connor is really physically perfect for the role. As far as her range as an actor, I really don’t know. That would be the deciding factor for me. SMG’s range has never really been tested in my opinion, either. I think that they both could be coached successfully for the non-action bits in this movie. I like the Padalecki kid for Harry. I think he has more depth and ability that a first glance gives. A little time and the right hair, it’s not like their going to shoot this next week or anything. His look could also work nicely with Stuart Townsend as Thomas. This would set up the appeal of the Lea role for Charlize Theron, who would be fabulous with long cascades of fairy red hair and the white streak later on. Nathan Fillion is an awesome choice for Micheal, but the casting for the Carpenter brood and Charity, and three versions of Molly will have to be carefully done. Hiring the right team of hair and make up people will be essential to successfully pulling this off. In general it’s better and more convincing to make younger actors appear older with subtle details. Things like facial hair and body weight along with hair colour and styling can work to mature Jared Padelecki’s look throughout the series of books. To do justice to the world as created by Jim Butcher I would think that three movies would have to be made and everyone human under a century, would have to be believable; past, present and future as an ensemble. Any traces of JP’s baby face will be eclipsed quickly by Harry’s constantly growing collection of physical and emotional scars. I shall have to ponder a while for the rest.

  34. Monica is simply superb. she is the one of the sexiest women i have ever seen. She is the perfect blend of beauty, body and elegance. click here for more of her sensuous pictures-

  35. I spent a long time with my roommate discussing this. It was important to pick someone perfect for the role and not just someone we like.

    Harry Dresden – Timothy Olyphant
    Karrin Murphy – Elizabeth Rhom
    Thomas Raith – Chris Evans
    Ebenezer McCoy – Donald Sutherland
    Donald Morgan – Keith David
    John Marcone – Steven Weber
    Bob – Anthony Stewart Head (voice only)
    Mab – Ruta Gedmintas
    Susan Rodriguez – Rosario Dawson
    Bianca St. Claire – Asia Argento
    Michael Carpenter – Jeffery Dean Morgan
    Molly Carpenter – Allison Scagliotti
    Billy Borden – Patrick Fugit
    Waldo Butters – John Billingsley

  36. i would make some changes to your cast for example:
    Harry Dresden—– John Marsters
    Karen Murphy——- Elisabeth Röhm
    John Marcone ——Gregg Henry
    Susan Rodriguez—– Eva Angelina (Yes, the porn star…. pay her some acting classes or something)
    Ebenezer Mcoy——–Sam Elliot
    Michael Carpenter—– i wouldnt know…. i dont think Nathan Fillion would be a good fit
    Tooth Tooth——tooth fairy from Hellboy 2 (i dont know, is the way my mind pictures him)

  37. Let me start this off the right way: Clive Owen is absolutely NOT Harry Dresden. Period. He’s way too mean-, tough-looking. You need someone who is tall, more on the lanky side, but also someone who can be charming and more on the handsome side, while having endless amounts of wit to throw all over the place. They also can’t be too young. To me, the role of Dresden belongs to one Patrick Fabian. He is absolutely PERFECT for the role. Anyone else could not possibly do it justice in my eyes.

    Also, anyone for Michael Carpenter who is NOT Jeffrey Dean Morgan, is just not right either. Morgan fits Michael’s role perfectly. Ebenezar McCoy would also have been perfectly cast with a beefed up Pete Postlethwaite about 2 years ago, but now he’s dead :(. So, I can agree with Donald Sutherland instead.

    Outside of that, no one else in the series is easy to cast. This would be my cast if I could just take right off with the project myself:

    Harry Dresden – Patrick Fabian
    Michael Carpenter – Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    Karrin Murphy – Kristen Bell OR Kathryn Morris
    John Marcone – Jeff Fahey
    Susan Rodriguez – Rashida Jones
    Ebenezar McCoy – Donald Sutherland
    Thomas Raith – Chris Hemsworth
    Donald Morgan – Willem DaFoe
    Waldo Butters – Jackie Earle Haley (always the one who pops up in my mind anytime Butters is mentioned, ha)
    Bob – Johnny Depp (put a more British twist to his voice, and the overall character he would bring would be absolutely perfect for Bob)
    Kincaid – Josh Holloway
    Nicodemus – Paul Bettany

    I haven’t been able to solidly cast any other characters, such as Molly & Charity Carpenter, Leanandsiedhe, Bianca St. Claire, Hendricks, Gard, Lara Raith, Mab, the Merlin, and countless others. It’s something I’ve been trying to set in stone in my mind all through the series…

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  39. Garfield for Mister!

  40. Hells Bells! Has no one thrown Eric Roberts’ name in for Marcone?

  41. Dresden: Paul Blackthorne
    Murphy: Amy Smart
    Bianca: Claire Robinson
    Marcone: Eric Roberts
    Michael Carpenter: Richard Karn
    Thomas Raith: Scott Summers
    Kincaid: Paul Bettany
    Lara Raith: Bridget Moynahan
    Lily: Allison Mack
    Ebenezar McCoy: Sean Connery
    Maeve: Hayden Panettiere
    Mother Winter: Bea Arthur
    Mother Summer: Betty White

    That’s all that I can think of or that comes to mind..At least what I get while reading…. lol

  42. I think of Amanda Righetti as Harry’s faery godmother, Lea

  43. CGI Bea Arthur since it’s only a small scene…wasn’t aware that she had passed away already…

  44. Hey, new here, don’t hurt me. Thought I’d let you guys know my perfect casting…if I knew how to embed pics on here I would for the lesser known actors, but I don’t know how:( Anyway this isn’t just a casting but how I actually imagine most of the chars, so i’ll add to it every now and again..not that anyone cares lawl. Lemme know what you think:

    Harry Dresden – James Franco (taller)
    Susan Rodriguez – Melanie Iglesias
    Bob – Jason Lee (though I think he’d be an awesome Dresden too lol)
    Murphy – Elizabeth Banks
    Morgan – N/A (imagination)
    Marcone – Chris Noth
    Carmichael – Newman from Seinfeld forgot his name
    Mac- N/A
    Leansidhe – Nicole Fox
    Thomas – N/A
    McCoy – N/A
    Michael Carpenter – Hugh Jackman
    Charity Carpenter – Sonya Kraus
    Molly Carpenter – young=Taylor Momsen young adult = Blake Lively
    Kincaid – Edge (WWE superstar)
    Lara Raith – Megan Fox
    Mab – Allesandra Ambrosio
    The Merlin Langtry – Christopher Lee
    Nicodemus – George Clooney
    Anastasia Luccio old – N/A
    Anastasia Luccio young – Sarah Shahi
    Gard –
    Butters – Simon Bird / or Leonard from Big Bang Theory
    Ramirez – N/A but I’m sure who I imagine him as is real person ffs / Eddie Cibrian<young maybe
    Elaine Mallory – Olivia Wilde
    Sanya – Djimon Hounsou
    Maeve – Jesse Jane (yes the pr0n star)
    Billy – N/A
    Georgia – N/A
    Lasciel/Lash – Candace Swanpole (sp?)
    Injun Joe – N/A
    The Gatekeeper Rashid : Older version of Oded Fehr
    The Faerie Mothers – N/A Just some old ass ladies
    Rawlins Or is it Stallings? – Philip Banks from Fresh Prince
    Madeline Raith – Monica Belluci (but I use her for alot of dif chars)
    Lily – Candace Swanpole with Green Hair or w/e colour it is again
    Fix – N/A
    The Archive/Ivy – Ramona Marquez
    Martha Liberty – The original Vivienne from Fresh Prince
    Mortimer Lindquist – Danny Devito
    Uriel – Morgan Freeman
    Bianca – Forgot her name for now, will add later

    anyone I'm missing?

  45. It seems as if the main character that’s agreed on is Elizabeth Banks as Murphy

  46. Gib, I’ll admit that i don’t agree with all of your casting, but I LOVE your casting of the Faerie Mothers!

  47. I’d rather see Adrianne Curry as Laura Riath

  48. I take that back…Shelly Martinez should be Laura Raith!!!!

  49. CoolDaddySquid

    I’ve thought about this a lot! Looking at the other lists, I have to say some of the choices are surprising. Still, it’s cool to see people’s interpretation of the characters. Here’s mine:

    Harry Dresden – James Marsders
    Karen Murphy – Judy Greer
    Susan Rodriguez – Rhona Mitra
    Martin – Jay Mohr
    John Marcone – Eric McCormack
    Gard – Maria Bello
    Thomas Wraith – Jared Leto
    Lara Wraith – Angelina Jolie
    Madeline Wraith – Mila Kunis
    Donald Morgan – Mark Moses
    Michael Carpenter – George Eads
    Charity Carpenter – Charlize Theron
    Molly Carpenter – Dakota Fanning
    Ebeneezer McCoy – Dabney Coleman
    Waldo Butters – Zach Braff
    Bob – Stephen Fry
    Mac- Michael Chiklis
    Leansidhe – Isla Fisher
    Kincaid – Jason Statham
    The Merlin Langtry – Patrick Stewart
    Nicodemus – Gary Oldman
    Anastasia Luccio old – Diane Lane
    Anastasia Luccio young – Eva Amurri
    Ramirez – Jay Hernandez
    Elaine Mallory – Elizabeth Banks
    Shiro – Ken Takakura
    Sanya – Taye Diggs
    Mab – Helena Bonham Carter
    Maeve – Kate Mara
    Billy – Hailey Joel Osment
    Georgia – Amanda Seyfried
    Lasciel/Lash – Gretchen Mol
    Injun Joe – Graham Greene
    The Gatekeeper Rashid : Hank Azaria
    The Faerie Mothers – Ellen Burstyn/Shirley MacLaine
    Rawlins – Mark Christopher Lawrence
    Martha Liberty – Charlayne Woodard
    Mortimer Lindquist – Stephen Tobolowsky
    Uriel – Kevin Spacey
    Lily – Ellen Page
    Fix – Rupert Grint
    Bianca – Famke Janssen
    Paolo Ortega – Jeff Goldbloom
    Toot-toot – DJ Qualls

  50. Michael Fassbender for Harry. Though I could be down with a couple of the suggestions here. Definitely /not/ Clive Owen. Too old and not scrappy enough. Harry is a bum, not a bond.

  51. Here are the big name actors I’ve chosen. Obviously, the entire cast cannot be A-list celebrities.

    Harry Dresden = James Franco

    Murphy = Kate Beckinsale

    Susan Rodriquez = Zoe Saldana

    Marcone = Clark Gregg (agent Colson from Marvel movies)

    Thomas = Cam Gigandet

    Bob the Skull = any sarcastic perverted voice will do

  52. Harry Dresden: Paul Blackthorne, or Zachary Levi (who actually makes pretty good sense suprisingly)
    Murphey: Kristen Bell. Period. She can act, she’s cool she’s funny she can banter, and I could see her getting into this role and learning how to stomp ass (Elizabeth Rohm would be cool too but by the time you get to Changes she’s gonna be way to old wear as Kristen Bell would still be good to go)

    Bob: James Marsters (perfect choice as he has read the books is great at funny and can do witty reparte in his sleep)

    Thomas: Mat Bomer

    Susan Rodriguez: Jessica Alba (not gonna happen but wow it would rule)

    Michael Carpenter: Jeffery Dean Morgan

    Charity Carpenter: Yvonne Strahovsky (dude.) although her being pregnant the first time we see her would complicate things

    Elaine: Summer Glau

    Donald Morgan: John Glover would be cool, as would James Woods or Willam Defoe

    Ebenezer McCoy: Sean Connery (rule!)
    Mac: Bruce Willis (again not going to happen but he IS mac

    Arthur Langtrey (The Merlin): Alan Rickman, perfect! although he would probably say no after Harry Pooter.

    Molly Carpenter: and the rest (this would not be an issue for long enough that it would’nt make sense to cast it since by the time they made the film whoever you picked would be too old.

    Bad guys:

    John Marcone: Viggo Mortensen (watch A History of Violence or The Prophecy and tell me he couldn’t do it) plus he isn’t supposed to look like a mob boss, he’s just supossed to BE one. I would also love to see Ray Wise, the devil in ‘Reaper’, in this role. NOOOOO ERRRICCC ROOOBBEERRRTSS HE IS A TOOOOOOOOOOOL!

    Storm Front
    Victor Sells : Christopher Walken (for the villan of the first movie) also Cillian Murphey would work

    Fool Moon
    It doesn’t really mater as long as they can act and they are NOT Eric Roberts or Ben Afleck

    Grave Perril
    same thing all though Kevin Spacey or John Malcovitch would be cool

    Summer Night
    the Summer Lady: Oliva Wilde (she could play that line between nice and evil well)

  53. Loving some of these – but one quick addition, does anyone else like Jeremy Irons as Nicodemus? And I only ever imagine Rob LaBelle as Butters :o)

  54. I’m watching the first episode of Glee this season while reading the Dresden series for the first time, and Diana Agron screamed Molly Carpenter to me. And Elaine has been Rachel McAdams. Also, I think Kristin Bell would make for a fine Murph.

  55. EmeraldKnightR

    Harry Dresden-Ryan Reynolds (Let him thin down a bit and he would be perfect.)
    Karrin Murphy-Sarah Michelle Gellar
    Thomas Raith-Orlando Bloom (Dark hair, baby face, add contacts, boom.)
    Michael Carpenter-Hugh Jackman
    Ebenezar McCoy-Sam Elliot
    Donald Morgan-Dennis Quaid or Liam Nesson
    Kincaid-Viggo Mortensen
    Leanansidhe-Charlize Theron
    Queen Mab-Monica Bellucci

  56. Harry Dresden-Lee Pace
    Karrin Murphy- Sarah Jones (Alcatraz)
    Thomas Raith-Matt Bomer (has to be older than harry)
    Michael Carpenter-Jeremy Northam
    Ebenezar McCoy-Jim Beaver (Bobby from Supernatural )
    Donald Morgan-Harrison Ford
    Kincaid- David Boreanaz
    Bob – I liked James Masters in the audio books so he could pull it of .
    The Fae does not matter as they have to be pretty and act like on drugs , because they are fairies .

    So what do you think ?
    PS: Jim said in a Q&A a few years ago he wants to wait until the rights for TV fall back to him and try to make something more closer to the books.

  57. There are many excellent casts here, but I feel none of Lara Raith’s options do her justice, most are too young (remember she’s centuries old). In my opinion, the perfect choice would be Kate Beckinsale (a proven vampire, lol).

    So, my cast would be:

    Harry Dresden: Christian Bale, Alex O’Laughlin or Ryan Gosling
    Karin Murphy: Naomi Watts
    Susan Rodriguez: Zoe Zaldana or Eva Mendez
    Thomas Raith: Hayden Christensen or Matt Bomer
    Lara Raith: Kate Beckinsale
    Kincaid: Viggo Mortensen or Jason Statham
    Ebenezar McCoy: Sam Elliot or Sean Connery
    The Merlin: Christopher Lee
    Johnny Marcone: Adrian Pasdar
    Michael Carpenter: Hugh Jackman
    Charity Carpenter: Miranda Otto
    Sanya: Djimon Hounsou
    Waldo Butters. Zach Braff
    Donald Morgan: Willen Defoe or Liam Neeson
    Nicodemus: Jeremy Irons or Kevin Spacey
    Elaine Mallory: Rachel McAdams

    As for the Farie Queens, I cannot make up my mind.

    Hope we can see it one day!

  58. I’ve always had a very hard time coming up with who should play who in my favorite stories, but the one i’m absolutely sure about is Ivy, aka the Archive. I believe with no doubt it should be played by no other than Abigain Breslin or Dakota Fanning. Many of you may think I say this because of their age, yes but the absolute reason is that they both give that “I know too much for my age” look and act that way in all their movies, Example, Definitely Maybe. Abigail runs the show and as much as I like Ryan Reynolds, He is out acted immensly by Breslin.

  59. I love Nathan Fillion for Michael Carpenter. I find it extremely hard to cast anyone at this time as Dresden. But some of your peoples arguments are invalid, yes he must be AROUND the thirties, but it is a movie of which they can really only do three until people are sick of it, I see myself as one of the biggest fans of the story, but with Hollywood and the actors, they only want to do a few movies. The highest number of movies they could do would limit at about five, and who knows if they would make them all decent. Hollywood ruins movies and I fear for my favorite series.

  60. Great casting ideas! Pretty much dead on. I do have a few suggestions though:
    Bradley Cooper-Harry, Brea Grant-Murphy, Peter Stromare-Morgan, Genesis Rodriguez-Susan, Michael Chiklis-Michael, Kevin Spacey-Bob, Sam Elliot-Ebenezar and Christina Hendricks-Lea

  61. Patrick O'Shea

    Nice lists. Great way to keep the dream alive.

    Harry- Zachary Levi
    Karrin-Teresa Palmer
    Bob-Anthony Head
    Michael-Michael Fassbender (Adam Baldwin)
    Charity- Diane Lane
    Molly-Kat Dennings
    Thomas= Eion Bailey (Justin Hartley)
    Mac-Chi McBride
    Lara Raith-Morena Baccarin
    Marcone- Mark Strong
    Ivy-Any kid actor
    Kincade-Jason Statham…
    Ebenzer McCoy-Sean Connery Sam Elliot Tom Selleck
    Elaine- Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    Susan-Sarah Shahi-
    William Borden-Kid who played Sam Flynn in New Tron
    Mouse- Caucasian Shepherd Dog
    Sanya-Chiwetel Ejiofor
    Winter courts-Helen Mirren Michelle Pfeffer
    Summer courts- Adrienne Barbeau Michelle Yeoh Sienna Guillory
    Merlin- Stellan Skarsgard
    Toot-Toot- Alan Tudyk
    Kevin Durand – Donald Morgan
    Butters-David Berman(CSI)

  62. Brian D. Walton

    I like John Rhys-Davies for McCoy, and Liam Neeson for Marcone. And shame on you if you don’t think Bob should be voiced by Billy Crystal (“Have fun storming the castle!”).

  63. Brian D. Walton

    Oh, and Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett for Mab and Lea (respectively, IMO, but they could swap roles in a pinch). And Christopher Lee for the Merlin, and (in descending order of suitability) Idris Elba, Samuel L. Jackson, or Denzel Washington for the Gatekeeper.

  64. Harry Dresden: Ben Barnes (he is hot, brown eyes, in his 30s, did I mention hot)?
    Merlin: Christopher Lee (off course)
    Kincaid: David O’Hara (he’s got that blunt kinda look of a killer-not-entirely-human mercenary).
    Ebenezar: Tom Wilkinson (he just popped in my mind while I was reading the books).
    Mavra: Tilda Swinton (oh, yeah she’s perfect for the role).
    Thomas: Chris Hemsworth (extremely hot all though he is a bit of a brute).
    Sorry I am no good on casting girls 🙂

  65. Harry needs to be played by Benedict Cumberbatch. He has got the height and if anyone has seen the Sherlock series he can do the fly by the seat of his pants type of acting that would be needed for the role of harry

  66. Charlize theron as Mab and Kate Upton IS Molly Carpenter at least in looks I’ve never seen her act.

  67. Nathan Fillion as Michael Carpenter? Talk about cognitive dissonance…instead of Michael Carpenter, most people would see Caleb from season seven of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

  68. Joe Flanigan as Harry Dresden. Why has no one suggested this? Joe Flanigan would be perfect as Harry!

  69. I discovered your site on http://thefaust.wordpress.

    com/2008/09/06/lets-castthe-dresden-files/ and I’m very pleased I have. It’s
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  70. Hugh Laurie (or Benedict Cumberbatch, if he can do an american accent)- Harry Dresden

    Reese Witherspoon – Karrin Murphy

    Eva Longoria – Susan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers (or Stuart Townsend) – Thomas Raith

    Emilia Clarke – Justine

    Anthony Hopkins – Ebenezar McCoy

    Monica Belluci – Lara

    Viggo Mortensen – Jared Kincaid

    Scarlett Johannsen – Leanansidhe

    Hugo Weaving – John Marcone

    Brock Lesnar – Hendricks

    Jon Huertas or Taylor Lautner – Carlos Ramirez

    Kal Penn or Billy Crystal – Bob

    Ray Stevenson – Michael Carpenter

    Rebecca Romjin – Charity Carpenter

    Kate Upton – Molly Carpenter

    Nicole Kidman – Mab

    Lindsey Lohan – Maeve

    Seth Green – Waldo Butters

    Tamara Feldman – Georgia

    Patrick Fugit – Billy Borden

    Dakota Fanning – Lily

    Rory McCann – Mac

    Lawrence Fishburne – Morgan

    Samuel L. Jackson -The Gatekeeper

    I just think if Hugh Laurie wasn’t so OLD, he’d be perfect for Harry. And no matter how cute Reese is, she could totally be a hardass like Murph. And Eva Longoria is just perfect, for Susan, imo.

    And really? Rebecca Romjin and Kate Upton could totally pass for mom and daughter. Just don’t know if she could act.

    Anyway, this is my pick.

  71. I do not even know how I stopped up right here, however I believed
    this publish was great. I do not realize who you might be but definitely you’re going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already.

  72. Dan Rodriguez

    My dream cast?
    Harry Dresden-Hugh Jackman(tho he is probably too old now)What about Brandon Rousch(Dylan Dog)?
    Bob-Hugh Laurie(GREAT Sarcasm)
    Murphy-Sarah Michelle Gellar(she already knows how to kick monster butt!)
    Ebeneezer- my first choice would have been Ernest Borgnine(GREAT eyebrows!) Now, Maybe Bob Hoskins?
    The Gatekeeper-Leonard Nimoy
    Captain Luccio-kate Beckansale

  73. I don’t think Benedict Cumberbatch could work as Dresden but he would make a fantastic Nicodemus. I like Timothy Olyphant for Harry mostly because because of his sardonic character in Justified who kept taking beatings.

    Gary Oldman, Simon Pegg or David Cross for Bob.

    Just because I’m watching Burn Notice at the moment I think Bruce Campbell would be perfect for Marcone.

    For Ebenezar there are a few older burly Scottish actors who could fit the bill and probably handle the accent – Brian Cox and James Cosmo spring to mind.

    Jeff Bridges or Nick Nolte have the physique, age and temperament to play Morgan.

  74. Howdy! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new project in a community in the same niche.

    Your blog provided us valuable information to work on. You have done a wonderful job!

  75. Conversation in the pub about this tonight. Clive Owen is inspired despite some of the age related posts in here. As in Nathan Fillon and Donald Sutherland. Going to have to work hard to beat that. Good job sir 😉

  76. Dan Rodriguez

    Just watched “Open Range” yesterday, and I have decided Robert Duvall would make a great Ebeneezer McCoy.

  77. Dan Rodriguez

    Anthony Hopkins for the Merlin

  78. I’m with you on all of them, especially Susan and Michael. However I always see Harry played by Jonny Lee Miller, fits the bill perfectly for me.

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