It’s Funny What Stays With You

I’ve always had a good memory for useless information (sometimes some useful stuff will find its way in there, too), but there are times when even I am amazed at what’s rattling around in there.

Case in point: about 16 years ago, I saw a little movie called Rock-a-Doodle (shut up!). I won’t bore you with the details, but it was an animated affair about a rooster who became this music superstar. The villains in the movie were a group of owls (makes sense, if you think about it, a rooster crows at dawn and ushers in the day; owls are nocturnal. See, perfect sense). Well, there was this one stupid little owl (voiced by, believe it or not, Charles Nelson Reilly) who was tasked with dispatching our heroes. He decides to drown them, forcing their little boat down what he proudly called an “adequate pipe.” It was, of course, an “aqueduct pipe”, meaning he didn’t so much dispatch them as aid in their escape.

Okay, you ask, what’s the point? Well, the point is, you’ve got a lot of nerve, mister. But, another point is this: this was not a movie that I watched more than once or twice. This was a movie that, before I looked it up on wikipedia today, I couldn’t tell you much about, except that the main character was a cock (literally and figuratively). But, the whole adequate/aqueduct thing stuck with me. In fact, it apparently made such an impression that whenever I’m watching a show about the Roman Empire–which, lets be honest, for me could be any day of the week–and the Roman aqueducts are mentioned, I immediately think (and yes, sadly, sometimes say out loud) “adequate pipe.”

Today’s lesson, kids: I’m a huge dork.


One response to “It’s Funny What Stays With You

  1. I actually enjoyed Rockadoodle but I know what you mean about odd bits sticking with you from movies. I hated Finding Nemo but the way the seagulls squawk, “Mine, mine” it sticks with me.

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