Marvel’s laying the groundwork for a film based on the Avengers, while DC appears incapable of doing the same for its premiere team: the Justice League of America. Why? Well, I’ll be fair and say that part of the blame probably goes to the WGA strike. Part of the blame also probably goes to casting that little wanker from The O.C. as the Flash–honestly, no one is going to get stoked about a movie starring that kid. DC should think about doing things “the Marvel Way” and introduce most of the Leaguers in their own movies before giving us the big team-up. But, when we do get a JLA movie, let’s not forget to make it awesome.

The Plot: When a seemingly unstoppable alien force invades Earth, only humanity’s greatest champions can stop them. But, these gods-among-men are used to working alone and doing things their own way. Can they learn to work as a team? And, when powerhouses like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern are captured, can two “regular” heroes like Batman and Green Arrow rescue them?

The Cast:

Christian Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne

Duh. Seriously, duh. He’s there. He has the suit. Use him, you dumb bastards.

Brandon Routh as Superman/Clark Kent

I wasn’t a huge fan of Superman Returns, but Routh wasn’t horrible. Besides, like Bale, he’s already played the role, so we’re stuck with him.

Morena Baccarin as Wonder Woman/Princess Diana

Someone (maybe Greg Rucka…maybe Joss Whedon) once said that as a character created by the Amazons of Ancient Greece, Wonder Woman never really looked Mediterranean. That was probably why Whedon wanted Brazilian beauty Baccarin to play the role while he was working on a Wonder Woman film. I say: “Why the hell not?”

Jeffrey Donovan as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

Every week on Burn Notice, Donovan plays a former spy who’s good at what he does and knows it. That’s the kind of cocky arrogance you need in daredevil test-pilot-turned-galactic-cop Hal Jordan. (I have nothing against the other Lanterns, but since Hal is back amongst the living, I say we use him.)

Ryan Reynolds as The Flash/Wally West

I know, I know…I cast Reynolds as Hawkeye in Avengers–but to be honest, Reynolds was born to play Wally West. Wally’s my favorite Speedster, partly because he brings so much humanity to this modern-day pantheon. And, just for shits and giggles, let’s have a cameo by John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick.

Kenneth Branagh as Aquaman/Arthur Curry

Aquaman never gets any respect. He’s king of three-quarters of the Earth’s surface, for God’s sake. Branagh’s played Hamlet, so I think he could bring a bit of regal strength to the role of the King of the Ocean. I’d like to see a nice mix of the clean-cut “Orange Shirt” Aquaman and the long-haired “Underwater Hobo” Aquaman.

Lance Reddick as J’onn J’onzz, the Martian Manhunter

On The Wire, it almost seemed like Reddick was able to read everyone’s minds, so who better to play the telepathic Martian Manhunter? Can’t you just hear Reddick’s deep, authoritative voice rumbling through the theater’s speakers the first time J’onn’s voice is heard inside someone’s mind? Besides, he kind of looks like the revamped Manhunter.

Josh Holloway as Green Arrow/Oliver “Ollie” Queen

Yeah, I’ll admit it. It’s the goatee. But, it’s also the way that Holloway’s Sawyer thumbs his nose at authority every week on Lost. Who better to play the uber-liberal radical who distrusts superheroes and other authority figures?


17 responses to “Let’s Cast…JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA

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  2. I am all for Holloway as a super hero but could he be a less wimpy super hero? I am just sayin’.

  3. Dude, Green Arrow is awesome. He shoots bad guys with arrows and hits on or sleeps with practically anything in a skirt.

  4. Well this is one super hero I missed. Oops.

  5. I think you’d like him, Max. He’s blond AND a billionaire.

  6. You know technically I am not big on blondes I like men with dark hair and light eyes it is just lately all these blondes keep catching my eye I wonder if I have a fever.

    Billionaire is cool though. Wow, a man who could keep me fed AND in shoes. That should be on every struggling artist’s Christmas list.

  7. “Blonde Fever”? I hear that killed nearly as many people as the Black Death.

    You should stick with the dark hair and light eyes, it’s a pretty good combo.

  8. Really? But I do not know anyone with dark hair and light eyes.


  9. Too bad. I know one or two. I could introduce you…they’re hot!

  10. I think they all fit perfectly

  11. I’d have to say spot on to all of the selections. I’m impressed the most with the casting of the Martian Manhunter. I would have never thought of Reddick but his work on “The Wire” was amazing.

  12. Thanks.

    Aside from the fact that Reddick is awesome, his voice certainly has an otherworldly quality and the “new Manhunter” really does look more than a little bit like him.

  13. Where’s Black Canary? If you’re going to have Green Arrow, you have to have Black Canary. How about Scarlett Johanssen? Or Plastic Man to add the comic relief? I’m sure there are a hundred comedians that would be good for him.

  14. Ollie was kind of a late edition to my list…but, you’re right, if you’re gonna have Green Arrow, you might as well have Black Canary, too.

  15. aşkımmm…you love josh

  16. I am totally with you on all of those– especially Baccarin.

  17. I agree with you on all your picks except wonder woman! I think Megan fox should play her! But it would def be a cool movie! I actually prefer marvel characters this is what makes me a marvel fan! But I do watch the DC movies, I agree with you though, they do need to get on the ball!

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