Let’s Cast…THE A-TEAM

Ever since Hollywood ran out of original ideas in 1993 and started strip-mining old movies and TV shows for ideas, one movie that I’ve been waiting for has been The A-Team. This was, by far, my favorite show growing up and, not surprising, one of the shows that my friends and I have played “Dream Cast” with since college. Now it looks like it might actually happen. John Singleton’s been attached to the project, and a tentative release date has been set.

The Plot: As with Avengers, let’s keep this sucker simple. Set it in the 80s. Have the Team be Vietnam vets like they’re supposed to be. Send them off to help some helpless folks against organized crime or crooked businessmen, with the MPs in hot pursuit. It worked for years on TV, it’ll work on the big screen.

And here’s the cast:

Michael Biehn as John “Hannibal” Smith

Hannibal’s tough. He needs to be smart and bad-ass and more than a little insane. Biehn’s got tough in spades. Plus, he’s grizzled up nicely since Terminator.

Rob Lowe as Templeton “Faceman” Peck

You’re probably saying “What the hell?” It’s easy to think of Face as just “the pretty boy”, but he was also pretty good in a fight. There’s a severe lack of pretty actors who also look like they could convincingly take on a bunch of thugs. Lowe has something. I don’t know what it is, but he has it.

Woody Harrelson as H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdock

Singleton’s actually looking at Harrelson to play everyone’s favorite insane pilot. To be honest, I’m more than a little pissed that I didn’t think of it myself. Woody’s perfect.

UPDATE: Y’know, Woody would be okay and all…but, that more I think about it, the more I think Alan Tudyk would do an amazing job as Murdock. He can play crazed pretty well, plus he has fictional pilot experience:


Ving Rhames as Bosco “B.A.” Baracus

B.A.’s just as tough to cast as Hannibal. He needs to be totally imposing when you first see him, but capable of turning into a huge pussycat whenever kids or old ladies are around. I think if Rhames can play Kojak, he probably has the chops to play B.A.

UPDATE: What the hell was I thinking? MMA fighter Kimbo Slice is B.A.


Kristen Bell as Amy Amanda Allen

Amy was the “civilian” reporter who sometimes helped the Team out, while supposedly writing an investigative piece on their exploits. Is she necessary for the movie? Probably not. But if you need that hard-to-find blend of girl-next-door sass and tough-as-nails sex appeal, you call Bell.

Keith Carradine as Col. Roderick Decker

Decker was the dude who chased the A-Team for most of the show’s run. A few years ago, I might have said Tommy Lee Jones should play him, but I think Jones might be tired playing a guy who chases the heroes around. Besides, Keith Carradine needs to be in more movies.


2 responses to “Let’s Cast…THE A-TEAM

  1. Vietnam is too over if you want to do this you should make it current and pick a more recent military event. There are plenty to choose from.

  2. True, there are plenty to choose from. But, I see no reason why it couldn’t be a period piece (God! Have the 80s become “period”? I’m old!).

    I also think that more recent “military events” couldn’t be played for the kind of mindless fun of the show (even though a few episodes dealt with the A-Team’s experiences in ‘Nam and the aftermath of the war, they really didn’t dwell on it much–they were too busy blowing shit up).

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