With Iron Man steamrolling its way through the box office, it looks like Marvel’s new film production arm is giving the green light to a bunch of movies, all leading up to The Avengers. Since Marvel is busy with Brand New Days and Secret Invasions, I thought I’d give them a hand with casting.

The Plot: Loki, Norse god of mischief, has come to Earth in an attempt to destroy his half-brother, Thor, once and for all. He tricks the Hulk into going on a rampage, forcing Nick Fury and SHIELD to assemble a team of heroes to take the Green Goliath down before he can cause too much destruction.

The Cast: Three of the main characters have already been cast in other movies–

Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man/Tony Stark

Samuel L. Jackson as Col. Nick Fury of SHIELD

Edward Norton as Dr. Bruce Banner

Here’s how I would fill out the rest of the cast:

Kevin McKidd as Captain America/Steve Rogers

A child of the Depression, Steve Rogers volunteered for a top secret experiment during WWII, becoming Captain America. Believed killed in action, Rogers was actually frozen in suspended animation for over 60 years. Though still awe-inspiring on the battlefield, Cap finds himself trying to come to grips with the 21st Century.

Sean Bean as Thor/Dr. Donald Blake

Son of Odin, a god amongst men. To learn humility, Thor was sent to Earth in the form of Donald Blake. However, when his wicked half-brother arrives, Thor does battle as only a god of Asgard can.

Michelle Monaghan as Wasp/Janet van Dyne

The brilliant and beautiful daughter of Vernon van Dyne, co-creator of the miniaturization technology known as “Pym” particles. When her father was killed during a break-in at his lab, Janet uses his invention to become the tiny, but deadly, Wasp.

Paul Walker as Ant-Man/Scott Lang

A petty thief and electronics whiz, Scott Lang was in the wrong place at the right time when he broke into the van Dyne home one night. Interrupting the men who had murdered Dr. van Dyne, Scott dons the Ant-Man costume and teams up with van Dyne’s daughter, Janet, to bring the murderers to justice.

Ryan Reynolds as Hawkeye/Clint Barton

Barton’s a highly trained Army sniper. When his unit is wiped out during one of the Hulk’s rampages, the cocky and arrogant marksman takes it upon himself to track the Jade Juggernaut and make him pay, a course of action that brings Barton face-to-face with Fury’s Avengers.

Alan Tudyk as Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym

Vernon van Dyne’s partner and co-creator of “Pym” particles. Dr. Pym had hoped to use the particles himself, but they reacted badly with his immune system, forcing him to abandon any dreams he may have had to be a hero. He joined Fury’s Avengers Initiative where he serves as head scientist and “exposition monkey.” Now he stands on the sidelines, watching the woman he loves fight injustice alongside another man. (Can you think of a better reason why he would create the evil robot Ultron in Avengers 2?)

Dylan Moran as Loki

When the Norse god of mischief learns that Thor has been banished to the mortal realm, he can’t help but come to see for himself. He encounters the Hulk during one of his rampages and tricks the Green Goliath into helping him torment his half-brother.

11 responses to “Let’s Cast…THE AVENGERS

  1. Alan Tudyk as Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym….


  2. I have a nasty habit of wanting to cast former Whedonites in everything. But I think this might actually work. It would give Tudyk a chance to be a little darker than usual (although not as dark as when he played a pedophile on CSI–that was just creepy). Plus, he might actually live to see the end of the movie for a change.

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  4. i wonder if nick fury’s brother is going to show up in any of the movies….

    also, will wolverine make an appearance…..seeing as how he and nick cross paths before wolverine actually joins the x-men….

  5. It would probably depend on how big a role Fury’s going to play in Avengers…if he’s little more than the team’s “taskmaster”, I doubt Scorpio will show up.

    And, since I think Fox still owns the film rights to Wolverine, he probably won’t be in Avengers. Which is good, because I think putting Wolverine in every book was the biggest mistake Marvel ever made and saturating their movies with the character would kill any franchise before it’s born.

  6. Dylan Moran as Loki would be an inspired choice.

  7. Wouldn’t it, though? Too bad no one ever listens to me.

  8. Captain America – Jason Statham
    Iron Man – Robert Downey Jr.
    Thor – Kevin Nash
    Hulk/Banner – Luke Wilson
    Hank Pym – Aaron Eckhart
    Wasp – Eva Longoria
    Hawkeye – Jensen Ackles
    Black Panther – Terrence Howard
    Vision – computer generated character
    Scarlet Witch – Kate Beckinsale
    Quicksilver – James Marsters

  9. Good choices–especially Statham, Marsters and Nash. But, if Beckinsale plays Wanda, she’s not allowed to use that horrific accent from “Van Helsing”.

    I think I’d cast Djimon Hounsou or Chiwetel Ejiofor as Black Panther before I’d cast Howard. Besides, you can’t have Rhodey playing Black Panther…that’s all sorts of confusing.

    Also, and this is totally my own hang-up, I hate when CGI characters are used when they don’t need to be–and, part of what makes Vision cool is his “humanity.” Maybe Malkovich? Haven’t seen him play a robot since “Making Mr. Right”, so I think it’s time.


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