Come Back, Mac!

It isn’t always easy to see which way the winds of change are blowing. For example, it was probably impossible to tell in 1985 that MacGyver was the transitional show between the glorious days of mindless shoot ’em ups like The A-Team and “thinking man’s” TV like…umm…oh, I dunno, L.A. Law?

Anyway, I loved MacGyver. I loved how Richard Dean Anderson and his bullet-proof mullet could stop an entire army of South American insurgents with a pocket knife, a roll of toilet paper (single-ply, at that!), old chewing gum and one of those little plastic things from the ends of a shoelace. He’s the man who inspired me to get a Swiss Army knife.

Now, rumors are circulating that there’s a possible “big-budget, blockbuster” MacGyver film in the works.

Okay, Hollywood. Listen up. I’m going to give it to you simple: This ain’t rocket science. Learn from Jon Favreau. Keep this shit simple. You call up Richard Dean Anderson and you get him on the set, pronto. If Harrison Ford can still be Indiana Jones, RDA can still be Mac. Need proof:

Got it? Good.


2 responses to “Come Back, Mac!

  1. Yeah, freaking single-ply. Genius.

  2. It’s funny how we’re so starved for legitimate action heroes that we have to resurrect guys from 15-20 years ago, like Rambo, Rocky, Indiana Jones, John McClane, and now ol’ Mac.

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