Last Temptation of the Geek

From Joel Watson’s Hijinks Ensue webcomic:

Is it wrong that I think the idea of Katee Sackhoff stabbing and then making out with a hobo is really hot?  Yeah…it probably is.


22 responses to “Last Temptation of the Geek

  1. A little less hipsteresque-looking (I don’t do the beard-thing) in the first frame and you’re pretty much looking at me in this one. OUCH! I hate mirrors!

  2. I was on a flight to Denver the weekend they played all three movies in a row, so I caught most of the first two. I don’t know if I could watch all three back-to-back in one sitting.

  3. “I don’t know if I could watch all three back-to-back in one sitting.”

    Clearly the force is weak in you Dansun.

  4. Is that a challenge, Max?

  5. Gosh no I would not want to be responsible for you injuring yourself.

  6. Aww, well aren’t you just the sweetest.

  7. Chris, Come on, I love Lord of the Rings but I’m with Dan on this one.

    Joss Whedon with Nathan Fillion–I’d be outside in a flash trying to look casual and trying not to ask plaintively, “Any chance of Firefly returning?”

  8. Good luck with that. When I met Joss, all I could do was titter like a school girl and say “I like Xander.”

    Not my finest moment.

  9. I fear I would say something ultimately cool like, “are Jayne’s arms really that sexy?”

    Actually, now that I think about it, if I heard Joss Whedon was in the vicinity I’d run like hell to avoid making a fool of myself.

  10. Actually, I was speaking generally to my overall geekiness and not any narrow geek tendencies to hold LOtR above Joss or the others mentioned. I would almost certainly go see Joss if given the opportunity no matter what I was watching. It did remind me of myself in the sense that I am obsessed (to some degree) with nearly all the films, TV shows, and personalities mentioned in the comic.

    On the other hand, when The Return of the King came out, my friends and I were refering to it as “My Precious” as we made plans to see it opening night. Hey…these were the first books that I ever read virtually in one sitting when I was 10!

  11. The Hobbit was my first real novel. My mom started reading it to us when I was in fourth grade. I couldn’t wait to hear the rest and snuck the book into my bedroom. Eventually, completing it twice before she finished reading it aloud.

  12. Hmm. This is not the place to mention I had finished the Tolkien trilogy and The Chronicles of Narnia before I hit Kindergaten, right?

    Silly late bloomers.

  13. I would have read it in my mother’s womb but it was a bit damp in there.

  14. Eww, Kym.

    I was a horrible reader as a kid…hated doing it. I’m pretty sure the first real novel I read was The Hound of the Baskervilles, though.

    I didn’t read LOTR until I was in college.

  15. I was just trying to one up Max, Dan. It’s my way of flirting.

    Actually, I didn’t learn to read until I was in 2nd grade. By the time I was in 4th grade I was a great reader though.

  16. Technically, I learned to read following along while my mother read the Tolkien trilogy out loud. She had just had enough of Go Dog Go I think. That did not make me popular with teachers who did not approve of a child who showed for kindergarten writing a’s the way they appeared in print. But it sure sped up the reading process.

  17. A woman of never-ending talent.

  18. I too was a late-bloomer for reading, but Tolkien was definitely the turning point. My daughter is a bit like you were, Max…she started early and reads constantly. Today, I had to tell her to stop reading and go outside and play (weird parenting moment).

  19. When my mom used to punish me, she would forbid me to read. Sometimes she would find me cheating and reading the back of the Cheerio box.

    I predict a long and lovely life as a nerd for your daughter.

  20. If there’s anything better than being a nerd, I don’t know what it is.

  21. This is all true…

  22. One of the best things about the blogsphere for me has been the releasing of my inner nerd. I was bookworm from 3rd grade on and that made other kids disgusted so I hid that part of me.

    On the internet, it’s great to be a geek.

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