What The Frak Was That!?!

I have somewhat mixed emotions about this being the final season of Battlestar Galactica. I don’t want it to go on and on, slowly decreasing in quality like some shows (I’m lookin’ at you, X-Files). Nor do I want the creators to give us a really good wind-up only to have the show canceled by Sci-Fi before we get the resolution (oh Farscape…how they done you wrong [yes, yes…they tried to make it up to us with the made-for-TV movie, but some wounds do not heal so easily]).

However, if they’re going to start killing off my favorite characters, I’m glad to see the show coming to end. I’m not really complaining…I mean, I survived the slaughter of Wash, Doyle, the Lone Gunmen, and Jadzia Dax, so I’ll get over this.

Edward James Olmos said this final season was going to be depressing, and I’ll be damned if he wasn’t right.


15 responses to “What The Frak Was That!?!

  1. I agree. It’s sometimes better to leave a little bit desired than to overdose on mediocrity. (I’m also looking at you, X-Files.)

    With Battlestar Galactica wrapping things up this season, it’s nice to see that they are going out with a bang.

  2. Since I have no TV I’m just picking up bits and pieces of what’s happening (I’m not as spoiler sensitive as some) but it sounds heavy (and good!). I’m all for some characters getting the “big sendoff” although it is always sad.

  3. I have still not recovered from Wash. Sigh.

  4. Wash was a rough one…it almost makes me not want another movie. Almost.

    A friend of mine is convinced that killing Wash was the price fans had to pay for Xander making it all the way through seven seasons of Buffy.

  5. I love Xander but Wash was beyond a wonderful character. He was a needed character type. He played the sweet voice of reason with a sense of humor. They can’t replace the hole in the weave without putting in a similar character and that would be stupid.

  6. No one does dinosaurs like Wash.

  7. So I’ve figured out that I can download the episodes the day after they air from Amazon. I’m keeping up now. Although I’m happy they’re dealing with the series-long themes/arcs in these episodes (I think the show suffers when they do one-off, self-contained episodes), it seems like the quality has dropped off a bit. Any thoughts?

  8. I haven’t really dug the last two seasons as much as I did the first two, although I think this one is better than the third so far. I am glad that they’re focussing on the series-long themes, especially the religious aspect.

    Also, who doesn’t want to know who the last Cylon is?

  9. I agree: 3rd and 4th are worse (so far) than 1st and 2nd (with a few notable episode exceptions). 4th better than 3rd, except the first 4 or 5 episodes in the 3rd were great (the escape from New Caprica episodes were some of the best of the whole series).

    The series themes have always been what interested me most and the religious stuff is loaded and fun.

    Last Cylon: I’m actually back to thinking it might be Adama…all the background stuff they’re developing for the new Caprica series suggests that his Dad was involved in creating the first Cylons. He may have been one from a very early age.

  10. Agreed. The escape from New Caprica was amazing. Galactica jumping into the atmosphere was one of the most incredible things I’ve seen on TV. Ever.

    Given the background of the Caprica series, I can see it being Adama. But, Ronald Moore essentially said that anyone in this picture is not the last Cylon.

    Could just be smoke and mirrors, though.

  11. I’m inclined to think smoke and mirrors, but it’s hard to discount his statement completely.

    Of the major characters, who else is there?
    Dualla (haven’t seen much of her lately)?
    Zarek (haven’t seen him lately either..strange choice)?
    Lampkin (that’s a really odd choice)?

    I heard an interesting theory recently: that it’s Baltar, and that he was actually the original creator of the Cylons. He put his consciousness into his current body, and programmed himself to forget all of this. Pretty far out, but interesting. This plot line definitely wouldn’t dissappoint.

  12. I think the Baltar theory might be a bit too convoluted.

    For the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking Gaeta–fits with the roles that the other four played during the occupation of New Caprica.

  13. Too convoluted, perhaps….interesting idea though.

    The more I think about it, the more Gaeta fits the profile.

  14. A really interesting idea.

    If you think about some of the facts we have: Tyrol, Tigh, Tory and Anders were all involved in the Resistance on New Caprica. Gaeta was feeding them information.

    Also, the identity of the Final Five is considered “forbidden knowledge.” Why? Are they somehow antithetical to the ideals of the other models? Could that be part of why four of them (five if the last one is Gaeta) had such prominent roles in the Resistance?

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