Four on the Floor #12: Radically Rambunctious Redheads

The Situation: Hey, who doesn’t love a redhead?  Of course, if science is right and the gene that’s responsible for red hair is dying out, there may come a day when gingers are no more.  If everyone is so fired up trying to save the manatee and the giant panda, why isn’t anyone trying to preserve the endangered redhead?

The Criteria: The criteria is…umm…they need to be redheads.  Does that work for you?  Of course, being me, they also happen to be superheroes, geeky witches, and secret agents.  I was tempted to include Ginny Weasley on the list, too…but somehow it just felt wrong.

1. Barbara Gordon

Babs was the original Batgirl and that should be enough for most people.  But, when she was crippled by the Joker and confined to a wheelchair, did our girl give up?  No.  She used her tech savvy and photographic memory to become the ace hacker/information broker known as Oracle.

2. Willow Rosenberg

Redhead.  Geek.  Witch.  Lesbian.  What’s not to love?  Mousy little Willow went from shy wallflower to red-hot magic mama right before our eyes.  Sure, she got addicted to dark magic and almost destroyed the world, but no one’s perfect.  Well…Willow might be.

3. Jean Grey

Not only is Jean a gorgeous redhead, but with her telepathy and telekinesis, she probably could kill you with her brain.  Sure, she got addicted to dark power and almost destroyed the universe…wait, umm…huh?

4. Scarlett

As lethal with a crossbow as she is with a roundhouse kick, Scarlett has no problem keeping up with the boys that make up the G.I. Joe team.  Scarlett’s trained in martial arts, acrobatics, and counter espionage–and that’s pretty hot.  And, not only is she a redhead, but she’s a southern redhead.


12 responses to “Four on the Floor #12: Radically Rambunctious Redheads

  1. I see Max didn’t comment! ( She’s jealous that Jayne prefers redheads)

    Just as a side note have you noticed that Whedon (slightly gingery himself) uses redhair as a code for geeky/or bad in some way. Of course, I haven’t seen everything he does but so far that has held true. (remember the blue hand man? Spooky guy!)

    Since you’ve spoken for the girls. Let me name some great redheaded guys.

    Alexander the Great: Taming horse is sexy, and tough and, oh yeah, this guy conquered the known world in his time. How’s that for hot.

    Napoleon: Passionate horse rider and oh yeah again, Nearly conquered most of Europe.

    Fred and George Weasley: Passionate broom stick riders and prank players and they helped conquer Lord Voldemort.

    Yosemite Sam: Passionate about everything, especially rabbits.

  2. Hey, I’m real! I can comment!!!!!

  3. Welcome back!

    I hadn’t noticed that Whedon had any particular symbolism for redheads. Willow and Yo-Saff-Brig certainly back your theory up…but I’ve always felt he was more about character types than physical types. Willow and Kaylee are the same type, but look nothing alike, and the same can be said of Xander and Wash.

    Also, I had no idea that Napoleon was a ginger.

  4. Well, my theory may be somewhat flawed but I like it.

    Oz from Buffy should have been included in my list of great redheaded males although I’m not wild about the black fingernail polish he sometimes sports (Spike sometimes sports it, too, they must have the same makeup artist)

  5. Where is Red Sonja? Not only is she a red head, Red Sonja can kick ass in a chain mail bikini. [Do not try that at home.]

    You are just flirting it up with Kym. Jeesh.

  6. “Red Sonja can kick ass in a chain mail bikini. [Do not try that at home.]”

    Are we speaking from personal experience??

  7. Y’know Kym, it’s funny…since he usually shows up with black, blue, or green hair these days, I’d totally forgotten that Seth Green is a ginger. But, if you look at his older work–like IT or Radio Days–it’s quite obvious.

  8. Another Harry (FLashman)

    ………….Aren’t you missing one Danno???? Yeah her…….I having lunch with her tomorrow….I’ll tell her you said “Hi”…….and Danno—-even without “Her”, that list sucks……and not in a good way….

  9. She’s in a class by herself.

  10. Another Harry (FLashman)

    ……… the words of the great Michaelin Og O’Flynn…… “That red hed of hers is no lie!!!”……
    Maybe you need a “tribute” list to a truly great Redhead????? Her greatest moments….??? Surprise your public…..

  11. Sorry to comment so late in the game, but I’d have to change out Jean Grey for Yo-Saff-Bridge.

    But then again I like my redheads naughty.

  12. All comments are welcome…even late ones.

    I have nothing against Yo-Saff-Bridge, but didn’t Jean almost destroy all of existence once or twice? That’s pretty frakkin’ naughty, if you ask me.

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