Genre Movies IX: Curse of the Romantic Comedy

The AFI defines a romantic comedy as a film “in which the development of a romance leads to comical situations.”

Here are my picks for the Top 10 Romantic Comedies (and, to be honest, before putting this list together, I had no idea how many romantic comedies I’d actually seen):

1. The Lady Eve

2. Love, Actually

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

4. Sabrina (1954)

5. Romancing the Stone

6. Tootsie

7. Beautiful Girls

8. There’s Something About Mary

9. The Philadelphia Story

10. Keeping the Faith


2 responses to “Genre Movies IX: Curse of the Romantic Comedy

  1. I don’t get to watch too many of these. I usually only watch movies with my family–of 3 sons and a non-romantic husband soooo

    But what about

    When Harry met Sally (the orgasm scene)
    Pretty Woman (I only saw it once but I remember loving it)
    Waitress (has the virtue of having Nathan Fillion in it –so extra points)
    What’s Up, Doc (I laughed until I couldn’t breathe)
    Pride and Prejudice (the epic PBS show–Colin Firth is one of the best actors around. He can do more with the crinkles at his eyes than others can do with their whole body.)
    Sense and Sensibility (I love when a film centers around the female leads–most shows have actresses in supporting roles)
    The Princess Bride (it crosses genres!)
    Roxanne (Steve Martin–very funny and I love the story it is based on

    Best of Romantic Comedy of All
    Much Ado about NOthing(my boys even Love it-Kenneth Brannaugh and Emma Thompson–Some of the best actors of our time)

  2. Whoops, I forgot one so I’ll put my least favorite of my favorites Twelth Night, or What you will ( more of the Bard!)

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