An Open Letter…

Dear Mr. Whedon,

While you are busy planning your new series, Dollhouse, I hope that you take the time to consider this simple request from a fan. I hope that you can see it in your heart (and infinite wisdom) to find roles (either minor or major) for five very special actors. I am, of course, speaking of Carlos Jacott, Jonathan M. Woodward, Andy Umberger, Jeff Ricketts, and Bob Fimiani–a.k.a. the “Three-dons”: those lucky few who have appeared in each of your three previous series (I am even willing to abandon the catchy title I have bestowed upon them in the event that they appear in your fourth series).

In closing, I would like to say that I would also be eternally grateful if you could find a place for some of your other Baggy-Pants Players, like Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin (who would then both be “Three-dons”), Alan Tudyk, or Felicia Day (have you seen The Guild? This girl’s got chops!).

I now leave you to continue creating the funny.

A Fan.


2 responses to “An Open Letter…

  1. Thanks for trying to get me work, I really appreciate it! 😀


  2. Ha! No problem.

    I just wish it were that easy…I’d ask him to hire me, too!

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