Throw Me the Whip!

The first trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is available online.

I find it interesting that a lot of the heroes from my youth are staging a comeback: Rambo, John McClane, and now Indy. From what I can see, it seems like they managed to capture a lot of the free-wheeling fun of the originals. I’m just glad Lucas decided to acknowledge that Harrison Ford’s gotten on in years by setting it roughly 20 years after Last Crusade. Good job, George….might almost make me forget Jar-Jar.

Anyway, it opens on May 22 and I’ll probably be there opening night.


13 responses to “Throw Me the Whip!

  1. I’m looking forward to this. As I age, I increasingly find young heroes–underdone(?)–like not yet roasted marshmallows. Harrison Ford was wonderfully seasoned already in the Indiana Jones movies. I expect I’ll love him even more if the show’s quality matches that of the first film. The other 2 were fun romps but the first (I loved that actress) was wonderful.

  2. Then you’ll be happy to know that Karen Allen is supposed to be back in this one.

  3. Yes! She is a good actress and her character had grit (I never cared for the other female leads)!

  4. Let’s review:

    Karen Allen was spunky and awesome, and she could drink any guy under the table.

    Kate Capshaw was whiny, vain and annoying, and probably only got the part because she was sleeping with Spielberg.

    And the blonde in the third one (her name escapes me) was, y’know, a freakin’ Nazi.

    Karen Allen was clearly the best.

  5. Pithy summary. I agree! The only caveat I have is who the … wrote those parts. I’ll bet it wasn’t a woman.

  6. I’m pretty sure that would be George Lucas (with an assist every now and then)…but to be fair to ol’ George, you really don’t watch Indiana Jones movies for an accurate portrayal of women (or men, really, for that matter). I’ve always considered Indy to be our James Bond: the action comes first, everything else is secondary.

  7. (Feminist rant)

    Yes, but…Indiana Jones is better than most men (present company excepted;>) but the latter female leads are worse.

    Allen played a woman we could all emulate or at least fantasize about being. Thus why write female leads like the latter two. They are not accurate, inspiring, or cinematically as interesting as the Allen character. My husband and I walked out of both the latter movies going “what happened to the first woman? ” Both the two later films suffer in comparison to the first in large part because of the female character.

  8. I agree (especially with the part about me!).

    Of the three, I would certainly rather hang out with Karen Allen’s Marion.

  9. Actually, Temple of Doom was written by the same married couple who wrote American Graffitti and went on to co-direct Howard the Duck. So there was, in fact, a female hand in the anti-feminist pie known as lounge singer Willie Scott.

  10. I figured there were other hands at work (I know Larry Kasdan added his two cents to Raiders)…but I still say Capshaw was only hired because of the Spielberg connection.

    And, speaking of Steve-O, I think as a whole, the Indiana Jones movies are stronger than the Star Wars movies because Lucas had Spielberg standing behind his proverbial shoulder, reining in the wacky.

  11. The word on the street is that Capshaw and Steve didn’t start banging until she already had the part. In the behind-the-scenes footage, they’re flirting like eighth graders.

  12. And I believe Kasdan had primary screenwriting credit on Raiders, as opposed to just a hand in it.

  13. Yeah, you’re right about Kasdan.

    And the thought of seeing Spielberg flirting like an eighth grader made me throw up a little in my mouth.

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