Angel and the Dragon

If you’ve been reading Angel: After the Fall (and, quite frankly, why wouldn’t you be?), then you know that the dragon from the series finale has popped up in the book, essentially serving as Angel’s fire-breathing, reptilian steed–how’s that for shock-and-awe, kids? 

Now, the dragon’s name has yet to be revealed to the readers–although Angel did whisper it to Connor, and based on Connor’s reaction, it might be a tad ridiculous.  I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve come up with a few possibilities:

1. Dragon.  Yes, it’s obviously.  But, think about it, Angel’s got the kind of one-track mind that would come up with something that’s quick, to the point, and a tad obvious.

2. Bruce.  As in Bruce Lee.  As in Enter the Dragon.  I wouldn’t put it past Whedon to go ridiculously left of center.

3. George.  St. George, the patron saint of Great Britain, is famous for slaying a dragon.  Angel’s been around for a while and knows enough about history to think this might be a good idea.

4. Puff.  This is my personal favorite and it would fall in line with Angel’s occasional child-like naivete (oh please, let this be the dragon’s name!).

Anyone else have any ideas?


6 responses to “Angel and the Dragon

  1. Ahh, I ‘ve only gotten as far as season 3 of Buffy so alas I’ve no clue (note that I couldn’t resist reading this even though I knew there would be spoilers–but A DRAGON)

    But as long as the dragon isn’t Smaug or Eragon it can’t be too bad.

  2. Oh Buffy…seasons 2 and 3 are my favorites…I wish I could watch them again for the first time.

    But, yes, there’s a dragon. But that’s all I’m going to say.

  3. I loved season 2. Halloween was the best episode but, so far, I’m not that pleased with the 3rd. The zombie episode #2 is pretty shallow.

  4. The 3rd season does start off slow…but taken as a whole story, it’s pretty good. I think the 3rd season’s “Big Bad” is my favorite.

  5. Hey, I went looking and there isn’t any season 3 Big Bad. I just watched episode 3 season 3 Faith, Hope and Trick. It was better but not great.

  6. Oh there’s a Big Bad in season 3…trust me.

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