I’m not much of a fan of the Iron Man comics. Tony’s okay and all, but I’ve always felt a little bit of him goes a long way. Like Superman, I prefer my Iron Man in small doses, preferably in the company of other heroes.

That being said, I’m pretty psyched about what Jon Favreau’s doing with this new Iron Man movie. Robert Downey, Jr. is Tony Stark. Terrence Howard has the potential to be a pretty kick-ass Rhodey. A bald Jeff Bridges as Stark’s business rival, Obadiah Stane. Originally, I thought Gwyneth Paltrow was a bit too old to be Pepper Potts, but the idea is growing on me. Plus, Favreau has gone on the record as saying he doesn’t like tons of computer effects in his movies (a philosophy I whole-heartedly agree with), which is probably why he’s gotten FX deity Stan Winston to make the Iron Man armor. Check it out:


Pretty sweet, eh? A hell of a lot sweeter than that floppy-haired loser from The O.C. being cast as Flash in the Justice League movie.


One response to “Iron-freakin-Man!

  1. Nadine Hamilton

    Hello i think Robert Downey Jr is cool

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