So addictive it should be illegal

A few days ago, Johnny Brazil sent me this link.  He warned of its addictive qualities, but I did not heed his cautionary words.  Instead, I’ve spent the last few days mesmerized by this game–damn those crazy Brits for mixing video games and physics.  Damn them…damn them all!!!


One response to “So addictive it should be illegal

  1. Thanks a lot: I just wasted two hours connecting invisible forces, transforming energy, and building problem solving skills.

    I’m supposed to be creating lesson plans that teach critical thinking through inquiry, and not practicing what I preach by experiencing them personally, ugh.

    I don’t want those two hours back, and if you come across any more of these things, well, you better just share them. GOT THAT?

    Danaher’s Pique
    A Tortoise’s View of Science

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