Who’s your favorite Carradine?

Hollywood is full of acting families: the Barrymores, the Douglases, the Bridgeses. And then there are the Carradines. John Carradine, nicknamed “The Voice”, made a name for himself in the 30s, 40s, and 50s…appearing in everything from westerns to horror flicks to plays performed by his own Shakespeare Company. He appeared in The Ten Commandments and The Grapes of Wrath…but his biggest contribution to Hollywood was siring four sons: David, Keith, Robert, and Bruce.


David Carradine is probably best known for his role as Kwai Chang Caine in Kung Fu and Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (a role that has led, no doubt, to roles in Kill Bill and as the spokesman for Yellowbook.com). David also appeared in the little-known flick Sonny Boy (he plays a lady in this one folks…not a transvestite, a full-blown lady!).


Keith Carradine appeared in movies like Nashville and the rednecks-gone-wild flick Southern Comfort. Recently, he’s been doing a lot of TV–popping up as Wild Bill Hickok on Deadwood, a psycho killer on Criminal Minds, and an FBI agent on Dexter. Keith was also the host of The History Channel’s Wild West Tech…a position that was usurped by his brother David after the release of the Kill Bill movies.


Robert Carradine is probably best known for his role as Lewis in the Revenge of the Nerds movies. Your kids probably know him as Hillary Duff’s dad on Lizzie McGuire. Like his brother Keith, Robert’s also played a killer on TV (this time on an episdoe of Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

And then there’s Bruce Carradine.


4 responses to “Who’s your favorite Carradine?

  1. I vote Keith, his work on Dexter is awesome. FBI Agent Superstar, Frank Lundy = precision.

  2. ……….well fuck it Danno you could have at least included Daddy Asshole John for all us old guys…..

  3. Rest in peace David

  4. I like all of them, but my favorite is KEITH! Have you seen him in Southern Comfort? OMG!

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